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2011-05-31 21:23

As I wrote yesterday, the lady who visited us yesterday gave half of the inheritance she received from her late husband to her step-daughter.
I was very surprised and moved by her generous spirit when I heard this, but even more so when I learned that she had been adopted by her late husband and his ex-wife.
As it turns out, there are some complications to this story.
My guest told me that she had been married to her late husband for ten years, and had cared for him while he battled cancer for two years. He and his first wife had adopted one of his older brother`s twin girls, because they didn`t have children of their own.
The girl`s mother agreed to this arrangement thinking that her daughter would eventually inherit her brother-in-law`s vast fortune, but, after his wife passed away, and he re-married, things became very complicated.
Apparently, the adopted daughter, who is now married, has a grown child, and is living abroad, hadn`t seen her father for many years, and only came back to Japan to collect her inheritance when she heard that he had passed away.
So, she and her real mother were very disappointed to only get half of the inheritance, and there has been a long legal struggle.
I feel bad for both families as they have been kind to us, and I hope that they can find an amicable way to resolve this situation.

2011-05-30 21:23

A woman who visited us right after lunch stayed for a few hours.
Around the time when I drove her to the nearest station, it was already 4 o'clock.
She only comes to my house once a year, at most twice to pray for her late husband.
Then she always says it's fun to talk to me.
Today when she said that she really had looked forward to seeing me, I made up my mind to spend some time with her.
Her husband used to be an entrepreneur and built up a fortune, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 69.
She had to divide the inheritance with her stepdaughter who was a child of her husband's ex-wife.
The widow has a sweet disposition and graceful atmosphere, she doesn't look like a person who would dispute the daughter's right to her half of the inheritance.
According to her, her stepdaughter has never visited her again since then. At least she is very generous to us. She never fails to bring some offerings not only for Buddha, but a lot of presents for my son as well.

2011-05-29 11:36

It's been raining since yesterday because of a typhoon.
Although Hana doesn't like being outside in heavy rain, she woke me up during the night at about 1 o'clock for a walk.
Then she pulled on her leash hard and went on walking for a while, but she didn't defecate at all.
This morning I took her outside again, but our getting wet was in vain, as her abdomen is expanded now.
When it rains I usually feel at ease, as I have fewer visitors.
I thought it would be a peaceful day when I heard the sound of the rain on the roof when I got up after 3 hours of sleep.
It's been quiet except for the sound she makes.
It looks like she is out of breath. I've been wondering if I should take her to the vet or not now in this heavy rain.

2011-05-28 09:39

I was a little disappointed to know that I wouldn't be able to go to Nagoya with my son this morning.
When he got up, he was not able to walk because of a cramp in his right leg. Yesterday,
I guess he walked a lot on his school's one day trip.
I told him before he should take vitamins in order to keep healthy. Nevertheless he often avoids vegetables, and I never insist that he eat them.
I called the language school and told the secretary about it.
I had booked a lesson for myself as well, but I did not feel like going there without him.

It looks like a rainy day today. So today, instead of studying,
I'm going to cook something nice for my family.

2011-05-27 18:14

Yesterday, I had to wait for hours to have a medical checkup since I went there without an appointment.
I know that procrastination aggravates disease ,but I was reluctant to see a doctor and I didn't know which hospital was comfortable to go to.?Yesterday morning,
I finally made up my mind to go and chose a medium class clinic next to my town which is one of the newest clinics in this region. The exterior looked like a modern stylish mansion, not a drab ferroconcrete building.
There is a large parking area which can accommodates more than 120 cars, not to mention that it is equipped with state-of -the art facilities.
At least I didn't feel gloomy there.