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2011-05-01 16:48

One day I must get rid of my many text books for radio education programs, and my son's comic books. If I lived in an apartment, they would have already been thrown out.
They are always obstacles whenever I decide to put my house in order.

A friend of mine used to throw away even her children's books and their handicrafts which they made at school.
Her children implored her to keep them and cried when she threw them away.
Living in an apartment did not allow them to keep even their most treasured things.

Fortunately, they bought a house recently, but she said that she doesn't have a strong enough will to get rid of everything anymore, and ends up keeping a lot of stuff, just like me.

Recently, I read an essay written by an ordinary housewife, and what she said in the article aroused my curiosity.
Since she strengthened her determination to de-clutter her house, she gave away her favorite belongings to her friends or threw them away, all except for her basic necessities.
Because of this, she was able to get over the depression caused by her formerly cramped rooms.
She felt like a new person.
I wish I were like her.