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2011-05-02 21:50

My foster child's new photo, which arrived yesterday, shows that he and his family have been doing well.
I was relieved to see that they were not so thin and were wearing nice clothes.
It's been 25 years since I started sending money through an organization helping developing countries in Africa and Asia.

The first child I sponsored was from Sri Lanka, was quite gaunt, and she was bare foot in the picture I received.
Her mother had left home to search for work in a neighboring country, so she was alone or with her father.

The second girl I sponsored lived in Senegal.
She looked happy with all her family members.
Her mother was always dressed fashionably, and it was good to know that she could afford to wear a nice dress, even though it may have been her only one.

The third child who I've been supporting is a boy in Cameroon.
He is the first foster child who writes his own letters in English, unlike the others who only wrote me in their mother tongues or had someone write on their behalf.

Although his English is a little clumsy, his letters make me feel warm.