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2011-05-05 18:21

I did not know that one of my neighbors' dogs is blind until this morning when I talked to his owner for the first time.
When he and his family started living in his wife's parents house about 10 years ago, he made a dog house near the entrance.

Whenever I walk by there, the dog is always lying on the ground and I never hear him bark.
Since the roof is too small to cover his big body, I sometimes see the dog wet with rain, but he looks fine and doesn't look cold even in winter.
He said that the dog used to be kept inside, but it is his in-law's house, so he must respect their feelings.

Dogs must be the easiest animals to adapt themselves to new environments. They don't complain about anything as long as their owners love them. But I still feel pity for the 13 year old blind dog.