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2011-05-06 22:03

While I was walking my dog, my son called me on my cell phone, and asked me where his school uniform was. He sounded a bit upset, as he had not been able to find it on the sofa where I put it every morning.
I usually prepare his things every school night, his watch, ironed white handkerchief and a pair of regular white socks, and, of course, his lunch and tea.
After the three consecutive national holidays, my routine seems to have waned, and I left home without checking if I'd arranged everything.

This morning I wanted to get to the language school where I take French lessons by 9 o'clock, but I missed my train.
Even though I saved time by not changing my clothes, and going out in my ordinary sweater, I was still not able to make it on time, since my dog was not satisfied with a short stroll. In the lesson, when my French teacher checked to see if I had remembered one word, "rubrique (column)", I might have offended him with my presumptuous manner by saying that I hated to use my time guessing what vocabulary meant, so he should give me the definition in example phrases so I can clearly understand the meaning.

Unfortunately, I am still reliving that moment, and I can`t get the bad taste out of my mouth.
Boy, I'm glad the evening is almost here, and I can start to put this day behind me.