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2011-05-08 22:50

Every morning and evening, I walk my dog within a one kilometer radius of my house.
These days I can enjoy seeing azaleas all over the place, wherever I go.
I feel lethargic in such nice weather, so I walk for one hour with a slow gait, and, by doing this, many seasonal wild flowers along the trails come into sight.
I'd never been an outdoor person before, as I used to think that walking or doing some sports was a waste of time.
I had to walk inside the house from morning till night doing chores, so why should I have to take walks? Admiring nature did not reduce my stress.
I often put myself under pressure and said to myself that it was time to buckle down to do something.

My son has grown up and I don't need to take care of him as much as before, when I was never able to find time to do extra things.
But, for some reason, I feel busier now then when I had to take care of my son.

When I complained about this, my son asked me why I took in Hana even though I was busy.
After thinking about it, I felt that he was right, and I stopped complaining.
I always think that if I help someone or even animals, they will reciprocate in someway, which will lead to me and my family having happy lives in the future.
So, my money, my time, and even my health are to make sacrifices.
That's my belief.