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2011-05-09 22:03

Yesterday evening, I washed my dog for the first time in three months.
Recently, my family told me that Hana was starting to stink, and it was my responsibility to shampoo her now and then.
However, I was not able to do so because it was a little cold for her even if the water was hot, but those excuses do not apply in this warm weather.

It was good timing because I had a few visitors today, my accountant, one of my husband's relatives, and a man we interviewed who wants to work here, so I was relieved that Hana didn`t smell as badly as she did before.

Actually, my accountant used to keep a dog. I remember the dog wagging its tail, walking around in his garden freely. After the dog died, he gave up keeping a dog, because he was not able to get back home regularly in those days, and he thought a new dog would be lonely.

He is right, dogs are animals that crave constant attention, like children under 3 years old. Nevertheless, they can be a solace when you are looking for some warm, friendly company.