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2011-05-10 21:44

One of our employees told us that he would like to quit and go back to his hometown with no definite plans for future employment.
Recently, his girlfriend, who is half Japanese and half Brazilian, left him and went back to her native country.
Since then, he has looked desperate, and has become quite sullen and detached.
He did not believe her at first when she told him that she didn't have any intention of coming back to him, but now it has sunk in.
Because he was mesmerized by her, and has spent a fortune on her, it has hit him very hard. This is the second time that this has happened to him, so he may think that this town is an unlucky place for him.

Despite this, his parents often thank us, as we have treated him very well.
He has changed jobs a few times in the past, and he had never worked for more than 2 years at the same job until he started working here eight years ago.
It is a very unfortunate situation for him, and he will be missed by us, and his co-workers.