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2011-05-11 22:48

At this time of year, new courses start in most Piano schools.
On the other hand other cram schools open in March or sometimes in February because they want to recruit new students earlier than any other schools.
I hear that nowadays they don't have enough members to sustain business because of the recession and a declining birth rate.

In fact, my son had to change piano schools from this month, because his former teacher's students had quit as they became busier with their school activities.
My son’s young teacher found the long commute too much for only one student.
The school might have wanted to cut expenses and told her that they didn't need her any more, or my son could take a lesson with another teacher at a different place.

Anyway, I drove him to an affiliated school a little further away last night for the first time.
His new teacher happened to be a young woman (but I guess she is no longer in her 20’s)who used to be his teacher for one year when he was a kindergartener.
According to my son, she happily remarked that his skill had improved a lot.

I think they are off to a good start.