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2011-05-14 22:55

Most of the carpenters who have been renovating our temple's buildings are young men.
Although they have a long break three times a day, they work long hours, from 8 o'clock to 6, nowadays till 7, as their work is behind schedule.

Compared to other professions, for these young men, it must be stressful to work together in a small working place.
They must follow their senior workers all the time, they must do a lot of chores for them, and they can't ever question their orders. Yesterday, I called their work cabin, as I wanted to give them some bamboo shoots.
Soon after that, one of the young men rang the door bell, as he had been told to come here to receive the shoots by his boss.
I noticed that he was the man who always comes last to get a soft drink and a snack for their break.
He sometimes misses his favorite beverage since the others would have already chosen their bottles, leaving him without any bottles that he wants to drink.
(One day, I gave him a sweet roll and canned coffee, because I found that he was a coffee drinker.)

I think he is a humble and respectful person, which is rare in the times we live.