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2011-05-17 18:12

Yesterday, in my car heading to my son's piano school, he was memorizing some English sentences preparing for the next day's class, and I thought he had finally realized that it's time he started studying harder.
He then suddenly said that my general knowledge was limited (that's not exactly correct, but I could appreciate what he said, in a sense).
Although I am a capable speaker of a few languages, I don't know much about world affairs. Even my 16-year-old son knows that I'm ill - informed about world news, and cannot talk about it in social settings, but what he said was a bit of a shock.
I always thought that he was following in my footsteps, so I wanted to stay one step ahead of him, but nowadays, I must admit that, not only is his general knowledge superior to mine, but his computer skills are beyond mine, as well.
Oh well, at least I can keep studying languages so that he won't surpass me in English or French. I still remember his free composition about three years ago when he said that he respected me because I speak English well.