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2011-05-18 18:59

I bought a few new books when I went to a bookstore with my son last Sunday, although I've been trying not to add to the books in my room, since they usually just collect dust.

This morning I picked out one of them to read as I walked my dog.
I thought my new books would be in pristine condition forever if I didn't take them out, but I sometimes have to stand still in the same spot when my dog doesn't move at all, and sniffs at grass.
But I soon gave up reading it, as Hana is hard of hearing, and she didn't notice a passing car, which startled me by honking its horn.

Today near my son's school, a girl greeted me cheerfully, and said that my dog was very cute.
Hana sensed that she loved dogs and wagged her tail enthusiastically.

All in all, it was a beautiful morning.