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2011-05-19 19:07

I've succeeded in giving powdered medicine to one of the stray cats in our temple's garden.
This morning I gave it her for the second time, and I was so relieved because I thought it would be difficult give medicine to a stray cat.

Since she was furless, I thought she was suffering from mange, which is a serious skin disease, very contagious and hard to cure.
And, I was afraid that my cats would catch it.
I asked the vet to give me the medicine without checking the stray because I couldn't catch her.
A month ago, when I found the ugly cat, she was eating my cats` food, but, as usual, I let her eat it, like I always do with stray cats.

Since then she started to warm to me, and, nowadays, runs up to me for food whenever she finds me, but, unfortunately, she is still guarded around me.
I hope my effort will work, and her skin will recover.