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2011-05-20 18:34

My dog, Hana, always wags her tail whenever we run across small boys.
Recently, I've noticed that she not only likes small children, but she also likes balls.

A few days ago, while I was walking her, she suddenly stopped and started watching 5 boys who were playing with a soccer ball.
When the ball happened to bounce towards her, she got so excited and caught it with her two front paws admirably.
Yesterday, she again wouldn't move from the small park, and tried to chase a tennis ball when some elementary children were playing a game.

I guess her first owner must have had a boy who played with Hana using a ball.
She succeeded in catching it again and again.
When I took the ball from Hana and gave it back to them, I felt pity for her as she hugged it so tightly.
Playing with those balls must have rejuvenated her, as she doesn't look like an old dog when she is amusing herself with them.