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2011-05-21 12:55

I am attending the annual PTA meeting at my son`s school this afternoon, although I am reluctant to go there, as usual, but I have to go to get some information for him from the guidance department about entering university.
I usually get a seat in the corner of the room because I try to be as invisible as possible.
Then, later I usually skip the dinner party with all the mothers and teachers, which I also normally don't feel like going to.
But today, I'd like to listen to their conversation and learn which school my son's friends want to go to.
I will probably be the last person in line to get food at the buffet style party, and I won't be able to find dishes that I want to eat.
In short,I don't want to be with Japanese mothers who often put on airs.
I just hope I'll be able to overcome my innate shyness at such a big party