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2011-05-23 18:19

After the PTA assembly and meeting with my son's teachers, there was a social party in a hotel last Saturday.
I was looking for one of my son's English teachers there, but unfortunately she did not attend the meeting.
His other two English teachers endorsed his English level and recommended him as a representative from all his schoolmates to make an English speech in Australia at the end of his junior high school days.
However, when the female teacher divided all the students into two groups, she sent my son into the lower level class.
When my son told me this, disappointedly, I cheered up him, saying that maybe they just didn't hit it off very well, or she didn't have a chance to assess his English.
My son was not that confident in his English grammar, but he thought that in the oral classes, which she is in charge of, he spoke better than most other students.
I did not mean to talk to her at the party, but since I hadn't met her before, and I only know that she is about my age,
I was curious about her looks, and appearance.