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2011-05-24 20:45

On rainy days, when walking my dog, Hana, I noticed that she always hops over puddles or tries to avoid them when they are in our path.
But, this morning, on our wet and rainy walk, which she hates, she just walked through them, and in some cases, they completely covered her paws.

On our most recent visit to the vet`s office, he told me that, because of Hana`s condition - abdominal dropsy - she probably wouldn`t have a very long life.

The condition affects her breathing, and makes her tired easily.
I fear that this morning`s walk was a sign that she is running out of energy, because she seemed to be in no spirit to gather enough strength to clear the puddle.

Since I heard the news, I`ve been feeling pretty down about it, but I`ll do my best to make her remaining time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
She deserves it after all of the struggles she has had in her short life.