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2011-05-25 18:43

I'm down these days, but I try not to show my feelings to other people.
My depression mainly comes from my dog's sickness.
The vet said that she may be dying, but I still have a lot of hope that she might be able to live longer than he predicted.

And I don't feel well myself, but I cannot collapse until my dog does.
My son turned 16 years old recently, he doesn't make me worry about him nowadays in many ways. He is rather mature compared to other boys his age. He often says I must go to see a doctor and asks me why I haven't taken care of myself etc.

My son's former homeroom teacher was looking for a private English teacher for his daughter.
His wife called me recently, and said that they were so pleased after I had introduced one native speaker to them.
She went on to say that they would need me as an interpreter because her husband doesn't speak English fluently.
She also mentioned my son.
Her husband often said that my son is a nice boy.
What she said made me happy for a while.