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2011-05-26 20:50

The high school nearest my house is only a 7 minute walk away. When I walk my dog,
I sometimes pass by the school bus station where one shuttle bus and five large-size buses wait to send students home.
There, sometimes, a few amiable girls talk to my dog and pat her.

Yesterday, Hana got exhausted after a short walk and laid on the paved road for a long time.
In stead of those girls, one of the drivers came up to me and asked if she was fine.
After I explained her disease, I urged her to walk as I thought we were in their way.
A gentle breeze began to blow and Hana finally stood up.

I have slightly painful memories of my former dog which disappeared at the last moment.
I spent a lot of money on her but I was not be able to afford to give my love to her as much as I do for Hana since my boy was still small in those days and he needed me more than my dog did.
Even though I searched for her as hard as I could, I was not able to bury her in the end.

It's been in the back of my mind since then, so now I've been devoting my time and energy to taking care of Hana to try to make up for those lost days.
I don't want to regret again.