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2011-05-30 21:23

A woman who visited us right after lunch stayed for a few hours.
Around the time when I drove her to the nearest station, it was already 4 o'clock.
She only comes to my house once a year, at most twice to pray for her late husband.
Then she always says it's fun to talk to me.
Today when she said that she really had looked forward to seeing me, I made up my mind to spend some time with her.
Her husband used to be an entrepreneur and built up a fortune, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 69.
She had to divide the inheritance with her stepdaughter who was a child of her husband's ex-wife.
The widow has a sweet disposition and graceful atmosphere, she doesn't look like a person who would dispute the daughter's right to her half of the inheritance.
According to her, her stepdaughter has never visited her again since then. At least she is very generous to us. She never fails to bring some offerings not only for Buddha, but a lot of presents for my son as well.