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2011-06-27 17:08

I'm glad and sad by turns.
People around me may think it's silly to let myself be affected by my dog's condition, but it is not a trivial matter for me.

Yesterday, she looked fine, she pulled her leash and urged me to go far.
We walked nearly two kilometers.
Today, she stopped suddenly and seemed to lose the energy to walk further and lied down.
I waited for her until she finally started to move and continued on for over 15 minutes.
I was terribly hot under the sun after intervals of rainy days.
The heat was probably not good for her heart.
She looked miserable.

A few weeks have passed since the vet said she wouldn't be able to live longer, though she is still alive.
But I must admit that her heart has been deteriorating.
I've been spending many hours everyday taking care of her, even during the nights.
On top of that I desperately took her to a different vet and I told the new vet that I only hope she wouldn't suffer much until she breathes her last.

2011-06-23 17:16

My son's first semester exams finished about 10 days ago and he received the results yesterday.
He came in fifth place among his 58 schoolmates.
Most of the test-takers are his old friends who attended the same junior high school as him, but 22 out of 58 are new faces who passed the entrance examination and started studying with him this spring.
But this year the 22 have been studying in a different class, and about the time when their levels catch up with the others, they will be mixed and separated into 2 classes.

So far none of them have come in the top group.
My son looked satisfied with his scores on the eleven subjects and said that he was able to get off to a good start for his high school days.

2011-06-22 18:52

One of my cats disappeared about three months ago.
I was worrying about her and one day I thought she had been hit by a car when someone told me that a similar cat had been found dead by the road.

The cat was a complete copy of my cat, but actually it was one of my neighbors.
I realized that mine was still alive when she turned up to eat food one day, but she looked frightened by something, and did not stay here for long.
She looked shabby with a gaunt face, which made me so sad.
I still don't know why she doesn't want to be here, I only guess that someone bullied her outside.

This morning I saw her again, and I managed to give her food and milk, and put her insect repellent on her neck to avoid fleas.

2011-06-20 21:22

One week has passed since I wrote my last entry.
I did not practice piano or study English either last week.

Although I had to do a lot of things to do and I did not have time to dawdle,
I somehow feel like a lazy person because I could not make use of my time.

Yesterday, my father came over to see us and we had dinner at a restaurant.
When he came here a few weeks ago I told him we would be able to invite him to dinner, and he had reminded me on the telephone a few days before.
Of course I remembered what I had said to him, and it was Father's day anyway, but he wanted to make sure if my son would be home.

My father seemed to have a lot of expectations about his grandchild's future and asked him what he would like to study at university.
My son sounded determined about his intentions.
We will be able find out in three years if those intentions are still strong.

2011-06-14 16:37

As I wrote last week, I had a problem with my left eye, so I went to the eye clinic near my house.
The doctor gave me some drops and told me to rest my eyes as much as possible, so I haven`t looked at my computer since then.

The main news at my house over the past six days or so was the results of my son`s mid-term exams.
I noticed that when he came home from school yesterday, he seemed a little more energetic and upbeat than usual.
On our way to his piano lesson, he told me that he had received the top score on his chemistry exam, so he was quite pleased.
He said that he thinks he did well on his other subjects, too, but he hasn`t received those results, yet.
It will be interesting to see how this affects his work habits.
Because he coasted along without studying very much before the mid-term exams, maybe he will think that he can continue this method of preparation.
I hope, though, that he gets some motivation from his good results in chemistry, and tries harder in his other subjects.
It`s hard to make kids do anything these days, so I`ll let him figure this out on his own.