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2011-06-14 16:37

As I wrote last week, I had a problem with my left eye, so I went to the eye clinic near my house.
The doctor gave me some drops and told me to rest my eyes as much as possible, so I haven`t looked at my computer since then.

The main news at my house over the past six days or so was the results of my son`s mid-term exams.
I noticed that when he came home from school yesterday, he seemed a little more energetic and upbeat than usual.
On our way to his piano lesson, he told me that he had received the top score on his chemistry exam, so he was quite pleased.
He said that he thinks he did well on his other subjects, too, but he hasn`t received those results, yet.
It will be interesting to see how this affects his work habits.
Because he coasted along without studying very much before the mid-term exams, maybe he will think that he can continue this method of preparation.
I hope, though, that he gets some motivation from his good results in chemistry, and tries harder in his other subjects.
It`s hard to make kids do anything these days, so I`ll let him figure this out on his own.