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2011-07-07 18:55

Whenever I ran across familiar faces while I was walking Hana,
I told them that my dog wouldn't be able to live long as she has a heart problem, so they wouldn't see her again.
Most of the people told me that she looked healthy and didn't look like a weak dog.

Yesterday, a man who I sometimes bump into in this area was walking his shiba-dog and smiled at me.
Until recently I didn't know he was one of my neighbors, but a few weeks ago I saw the man working in the field near my house, so I found out his house is also just a few minutes from here on foot.

Since he made a slight bow, I nodded and then I told him the same story about Hana.
That is why he looked so glad to see Hana after several weeks, just like the bus driver of my son's school.
I am still hoping that Hana will get though this summer, so that all the time I spent with her won't be in vain.

2011-07-03 21:47

Come to think of it, about a week ago Hana was still able to walk more than one kilometer.

Near my son's school, one of the bus drivers spoke to me and stroked her head again and again.
Since I had told him that my dog would not be able to come the spot, he was a bit surprised to see us again.
He works as a part timer for my son's school and drives a shuttle bus from the school to the nearest train station.
But I'd never talked to him until he asked me if my dog was all right.

On that day Hana was done in and lied down at the same place for a long time, and in the way of the buses.
He said that his dog was also decrepit and somehow managed to survive in this hot summer.
He'd showed me his dog's photo on his cell phone, but I hardly saw it because of the strong sun light. I pretended that I could see it and said she was cute.

I did not have much energy to carry Hana home,so I was relieved when she started walking again.
But I regret that I let her walk the rest of the way.

2011-07-01 23:45

This morning I was sitting by my dog from 2 o'clock till the time I had to start working. Hana has been panting hard, and she makes some noises when she inhales, which is a typical symptom of cardiac hypertrophy.
Her frail heart won't last until the end of this summer, so nowadays I try to be with her as much as possible so that she feels tranquil.

I often saw a sheeba-dog at the entrance of the house which I passed by when I walked Hana, but recently I noticed that the house had been quiet as he did not come out from the door to bark at us.
A few days ago, the woman of the house spoke to me and said that her dog died suddenly.
She really misses her old dog, and can't help talking to people who walk their dogs.

That morning she spotted me with Hana and ran up to us I really understood her feelings, and I also thought that even her healthy dog died without an indication, so I'm happier because I can take care of Hana as I know her condition .