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2011-10-30 19:03

Yesterday afternoon I went to a parents and teachers meeting and a social party in a hotel.
The large lobby was teeming with parents waiting for a buffet-style party.

I was spoken to by several people there with cheerful voices.
We also chatted during the party until the PTA chairman gave a speech to wrap up the gathering. Most of the people seemed to be interested in their children's futures, especially about which courses they want to choose next year.

My son has been aiming for a college of science, so he is going to study the science course, which is said to be most the most difficult course to finish of all the curriculum in his school.

Some students give up, or even drop out every year.
Their teachers try to persuade the poor students to change their minds and study liberal arts even if they prefer math, chemistry and physics.

The only thing I can do now is support him until he accomplishes his goal.

英検 一級
2011-10-23 19:01

I don't know how long I was nodding off during the examination last Sunday.
The vocabulary was difficult enough to make me feel sleepy.

When the voice from speaker told us that it was the time to start, at least I was awake.
The female proctor wearing glasses looked a bit stern, but she was not attentive ,she did not tell me anything.

It was my responsibility to continue the exam or sleep, so she was not obligated to maintain the candidate's spirits.

I know it is not a good excuse, but unfortunately I was in bad condition on the test day, because of fatigue caused by lack of sleep for five consecutive days.

It doesn't matter, I will try the level 1 of English proficiency test again and again until I get a certificate.

2011-10-16 20:06

I feel very sorry for the people who cannot go back their home due to the radiation .
And also animals which were rescued from the area made me so sad.
A few days ago,an article in the newspaper said that there are now 764 dogs and cats in the facility, where each one is in a small cage and is given the minimum amount of food by the staff.

Those owners sometimes come to see them and end up crying because they can not afford to take them in. They are distressed because most of them are still in the temporary houses or shelters.

It pains me to think of how much they are suffering. Looking at Hana,
I thought we were blessed, even though she is sick, and at the same time I was resentful for being so useless to help the other animals.

2011-10-09 16:45

A few days ago when I was chatting with a French man and his son at a coffee shop, one girl who was sitting behind us suddenly spoke to us in French.
We were a bit surprised and said to her that we had never met a person who spoke French fluently like her in such a small town.
She replied and said that she studied in France for a while.

I was impressed to know that she is not the only person who speaks French well, her friends from university also are good at it.
My French teachers often complain that they rarely run across good French speakers in their daily lives, but there must be a lot of people like her.

After all the conversation ,the son's wife who was just sitting quietly said that she should start studying French from now on as she still couldn't speak it.
Then I encouraged her to do so because she will be a mother next year, it would be good for her half French child.

2011-10-02 15:50

Hana has been suffering from diarrhea again.
She has never barked when she wants to go outside, but walks around in the room making noise with her nails, which have grown a bit long, because she does not walk much nowadays.

Last night, after midnight she tried to get my attention as usual.
She successfully woke me up twice.
The second time I walked her, it was around 3 o'clock in the morning.
Although I shivered with cold in spite of myself, I appreciated the chilly air as I prefer colder weather.

I remember that until recently I was always bitten by mosquitos near the bushes while I was waiting for her.
Now they finally don't bother me anymore.

Despite being full of worries, I am hoping that she will be able to celebrate her one year anniversary with us on December 23 rd.