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2011-10-30 19:03

Yesterday afternoon I went to a parents and teachers meeting and a social party in a hotel.
The large lobby was teeming with parents waiting for a buffet-style party.

I was spoken to by several people there with cheerful voices.
We also chatted during the party until the PTA chairman gave a speech to wrap up the gathering. Most of the people seemed to be interested in their children's futures, especially about which courses they want to choose next year.

My son has been aiming for a college of science, so he is going to study the science course, which is said to be most the most difficult course to finish of all the curriculum in his school.

Some students give up, or even drop out every year.
Their teachers try to persuade the poor students to change their minds and study liberal arts even if they prefer math, chemistry and physics.

The only thing I can do now is support him until he accomplishes his goal.