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2011-11-25 21:37

This afternoon, I received the certification card of my son's English proficiency test ,EIKEN grad 2.
He said that he was the first student in his class to pass he exam except for 2 returnees from English speaking countries.
Unfortunately one of the upperclassmen who was not able to pass the oral exam ran into him in the examination hall.
They were not able to find any other schoolmates there, so they went home the same way so they could talk about the exam.

My son's friend didn't look confident, on the other hand my son was optimistic as he is younger than him, and he will have many opportunities to try the same grade by the time he reaches his friend's age. Besides he thought it would be presumptuous to emulate the senior student. He should not outstrip him.

Anyway, my son must be a lucky man who is blessed and doesn't need to work too hard.

2011-11-24 18:59

I have to fight back tears when I remember my son's friend who died suddenly this year.
Even though a few years have past since I last saw him, I still vividly remember his face.

His mother was rather strict to him about food when he was small, she never gave sweets to him.
One day I gave him some candy since he was fretful in the kindergarten bus on the way home.
But he spit it out as he was not used to the taste.

The day before yesterday when I received the post card, I was not able to get to sleep.
It's hard to imagine how sad she must be or how she has been able to get through these difficult times.
I'm sure she is still in the middle of the nightmare.
I'd like to cheer her up, but my words would not be able to console her.
So I decided not to call her.
Also she did not tell me when he died, I guess, not because of a long silence but because she might have thought that chatting with me would make her feel more distressed.

I sincerely hope that she and her family will reach a point when they can talk about their son sometime.

2011-11-23 19:03

15 years old is too young to die.
I somehow hesitated to talk to his mother who lives far from here, so I called his grand-mother in our town.
She said that when she came to our temple a few months ago, she spotted my son, and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes as she knew that my son used to be a good friend of her grand- son.
She said that a lot of memories came back to her when she saw my son.

She repeated "thank you" many times to me.
When I felt that she was on the verge of tears, my voice also broke with emotion.

The boy was good at sports, he was running ahead of his classmates in a running race one day, but suddenly collapsed, and stopped breathing.

He was healthy and he did not have too many problems unlike my son who is susceptible to colds, and fussy about food.
I wondered if it was destiny or if he could've lived longer if someone noticed his bad condition.

2011-11-22 18:54

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the post card which was sent by my old friend.
It says that she is in mourning as she lost her son in January, and can't send a new years card.

She used to come to my house often with her deceased son when our sons were kindergartners, and she invited us to a Christmas party at her house one time.
On that day she prepared deep-fried shrimps, home made cake etc. and even put on a Santa Claus costume in order to entertain us at the end of the party.

She suggested we have dinner together before she and her family left for Chicago as her husband was being transferred there.
And whenever she came back to this town she brought me some gifts.

Until the family moved to a different prefecture after they returned to Japan, we thought our friendship would be endless.

My son said that he was his only friend in those days and still remembers him vividly.

2011-11-13 20:55

The sudden death of one of my employees made me terribly busy. Recently,
I have not been able to go to bed before mid night and have only slept 4 hours a night for the past 10 days.

In the days following his death I went to his wake and funeral, then I had to explain his role to other employees.
In the meantime, I went to my son's school to see 2 classes on the day for school visitation.
The subsequent week one carpenter who was doing work for us died suddenly at the age of 54 because of hard work.

With a haggard face I went to my father's house that weekend wearing a Japanese Kimono to attend a Buddhist ceremony.
My relatives told me I looked worn out and should take a rest, otherwise I would die of a heart attack like those men.
Now I feel pain stronger in my neck and back by fits and starts.