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2011-12-25 22:09

Yesterday when I asked my son if he wanted to eat Christmas cake ,he said that he was not interested in sweets, he said he'd rather eat salty food, such as French fries.

Since I already had bought a very expensive, gorgeous decorative cake for him, I told him he had to eat at least one bite since it was kind of his duty to make me happy by seeing him eat happily.

My husband I ended up eating the all rest of the cake by ourselves and I have decided not to buy one next year.
I had the year -end party with our employees and Christmas party with my family just for form's sake, which were annual events to take care of. Now I have a lot of household chores left to do before the new year season.

2011-12-18 23:38

It was an honor for my son to play the piano as the last and most important performer of the student's Christmas concert recently.

I'm not sure when he became a feature player, but I think the reason is that a lot of his friends quit taking piano lessons, so he became one of the senior students of his piano teacher.
So he is naturally took the anchor position.

His piano song sounded sophisticated enough to draw admiration.
A lot of people around me rose a chorus of "oohs " and "ahs".

It was then that I realized he topped off this year with a unique and entertaining rendition.