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2012-01-10 13:39

The saddest news for me last year, except the March 11th disaster, was the death of my son's friend, that is a friend of mine lost her beloved son just after they received his successful result of the entrance exam for high school.

At the end of the last year, my friend, who now lives in a different prefecture, sent me a handwritten letter on flower patterned writing paper.

She apologized for her long silence, although she still couldn`t believe the fact occasionally, now her grief has been healed to some extent thanks to her only daughter.
She was determined not to cry, to keep cheerful for her, in order to consol her son's soul.

She closed her letter saying that she really appreciates that I sent her son videotapes of his favorite Japanese animated TV series, such as "Ultra man", etc. which I taped every Saturday morning while they were in Chicago.
She said she would love to visit me before long.