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2012-03-11 12:12

My "off and on" piano history

I have been a piano student for a long time, but for various reasons at some points I have had to take time off.

When my in-laws passed away, I found free time, but this soon changed when I became pregnant with my son.
However, when he turned 3 years old he started attending piano lessons, so I was able to study along side him at Yamaha school.

One day while I was playing a piece of music titled "winter sonata"the sound wafted from he room through an open door,
the landlady who happened to be cleaning the car park at the time recognized the music but she was unable to place the name.

After the lesson she approached me and asked me a barrage of questions,
it turned out that she was a big fan of a Korean drama which used the piece of music as a theme song.

She seemed so pleased and relieved when she could put a name to the music, and it gave me great motivation to learn that people are moved by the music that I play.