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2012-06-18 19:30

Since my dog, Hana died I've been depressed.
I did not do much housework, let alone study, though I went to a language school sometimes.

The other day, one of the teachers pointed out that poor reading ability,
what he said made me demoralized me to study English.

According to him, I often make excuses saying that I forgot my glasses,
but the fact is I cannot understand the contents well.
It did not sound friendly, but mean.
There must have had a different way to give me some advice.
I know that he tends to be presumptuous and be strict towards me and he never encourages me.

One day I'd like to tell him that I am not confident with my English,( that' why I named my blog" A sense of inferiority!")(Recently I changed it),
he doesn't need to make me realize that my level is not up to reading some articles fluently without preparation.

Anyway it was not my day, I will never live down the embarrassing the delete word moment.