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奇癖(one of my quirks)
2012-07-19 07:12

I tend to be so enthusiastic about trivial things.
My family may think I am a bit silly to spend all my free time on the computer and neglect things that they think are more important.
I haven't studied French for ages, the papers from my correspondence course are piled up, and the English vocabulary books and references for the English proficiency test which I have updated recently are still in mint condition as I have not touched them.
Since my dog has gone to the another world, though I feel she is always with me, I should have more on my hands as I don't need to take care of her.

Why can't I organize my schedule?
Why must I indulge myself?
Tomorrow, I am going to go to a parent-teacher conference at my son's school.
His teachers will probably tout him as a great student as usual. However,unbeknownst to them, nowadays he often puts me down, saying that I have little knowledge about the world.

I must appreciate that he did not inherit the vice from me.

2012-07-18 09:51


2012-07-01 19:58

About one week ago, when I heard about yesterday's music concert on the internet, Iimmediately called the person who was responsible, without thinking about how far Kanagawa prefecture was.
I did not hesitate to ask her to put aside tickets for me and my husband as I thought it would be a once in a life time chance to see a man who had a lot of influence on my son.
I just wanted to listen to him play the piano, however,later I foud out that it would take 3 and a half hours to get there.
I asked my son several times if he wanted to go with us, but he was worried about his exams in the following week, and decided not to join us.

The young man played Chopin beautifully, it was impressive, and worth going there. I had really wanted my son to see his performance, and he also seemed to regret that he did not go. At mid night, 12:20, when we got back home, my son told me that he had not been able to study because he was thinking of the concert all the time .
Although he is good at Japanese( including classical literature) and history at school, he chose science and mathematics courses this year.
One of the reasons that my son respects him a lot is that he also majored in similar subjcts, so my son might have wanted to study science.
He speaks highly of him and talks about him almost everyday. This being the case,I can't understand why he doesn't play classical music just like him as well?
It was a shame that he stopped playing it about three years ago, and now he only enjoys playing pop songs on the piano.