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奇癖(one of my quirks)
2012-07-19 07:12

I tend to be so enthusiastic about trivial things.
My family may think I am a bit silly to spend all my free time on the computer and neglect things that they think are more important.
I haven't studied French for ages, the papers from my correspondence course are piled up, and the English vocabulary books and references for the English proficiency test which I have updated recently are still in mint condition as I have not touched them.
Since my dog has gone to the another world, though I feel she is always with me, I should have more on my hands as I don't need to take care of her.

Why can't I organize my schedule?
Why must I indulge myself?
Tomorrow, I am going to go to a parent-teacher conference at my son's school.
His teachers will probably tout him as a great student as usual. However,unbeknownst to them, nowadays he often puts me down, saying that I have little knowledge about the world.

I must appreciate that he did not inherit the vice from me.