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2012-08-30 08:20

This afternoon, while I was talking on the phone to a secretary at the language school, I started feeling that I was downplayed.
Since I am not young, she seemed to think that I go there just for fun, not to study English seriously.
Besides she said that if I am afraid of new young teachers, I shouldn't have any lessons on that day.
She must have thought that my English was not good enough to talk to people who I had not previously had lessons with.
It was annoying to explain that there are some teachers who have a lazy teaching style, I'd like to avoid them.
I already reserved some lessons and named my favorite teachers, but she said there were only new staff available that day.
I had a similar experience when I returned to the school after a 6 and a half year break, because the Japanese staff had changed while I was away, and they didn't know me.
They only have a preconception that women of my generation cannot speak English well, so we don't need experienced teachers, and we should accept unpopular teachers, besides we only can go there when the school is not busy.
I am not a person who gets upset easily, instead, I am prone to get depressed by someone's words.
It will take sometime to recover from this gloomy mood.