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2012-09-23 23:29

This morning I got up at 4:30 as usual; nowadays it's a bit dark, but crisp outside.
People sometimes ask me why I must start my day so early, but I just answer them by saying I have so many things to do before my son gets up at 6:40. If only I could play the piano or study English early in the morning before I get tired and lose motivation.

Today my son's school had a culture festival even though it was Sunday. At this time of year, high schools have a lot of events in Japan. It reminds me of when I played a duet with a senior student on the flute on the school stage when I was in high school, "Selected" from Sonatas of J.B. Loeillet.

Also, my bad habit of not giving up looking for an object until I finally find it returned. Now I feel I have wasted today, as I looked for a book when I had free time. Eventually, I found the music book at the bottom of a pile of books, but I did not have time to practice. Then, my son got back home saying he was hungry, my cats also were waiting for food.

After dinner, I checked emails and surfed the Internet.
My long, but short day, in a sense, is drawing to a close.

飼い主の責任 PS
2012-09-14 21:05

The dog I saw in the video must have been waiting for his owner( a couple) until the final moment.
How much distressing, how sad he was when he knew the owners abandoned him.
The owners betrayed him after the long, long relationship.
How could they be so cruel and take the pets to a pound.
If they couldn't take care of him anymore due to their age, that is owners themselves are too old to look after the dogs, or the dogs were suffering from pain (in anguish) they should ask a vet to put them sleep and watch until the end, I also don't like the idea, though.

2012-09-11 09:49

My eyes are red and swollen from crying, as I am overwhelmed with sadness and resentfulness after I watched camera footage, which was videotaped in an animal shelter.
One of the last moments was especially disturbing as a Husky dog was being taken away to be euthanized. He looked very frail and sick, but he struggled to escape from the arms of the staff, as if he sensed that his life was in danger.
I heard that one of those people whose job it is to put the animals down, tweeted that he doesn't like his job, and he hates the owners who abandoned their pets.
I wonder why they can be so unfeeling? How can they be so cool?
Some people don't feel bad about letting their pets go hungry, and abuse them, or discard them. The remark I hate most was they took their pets to the pound just because they wanted to travel abroad with their children.
They said that they had asked their children which they preferred, to go on a one week trip or keep their pets. When their children answered that they wanted to go to a beach overseas, they decided to put them down.
However, one woman continued her interview by saying their children had learned a lot thanks to the pets, they became thoughtful to animals, and learned how to take care of them. That repulsed me.
I won't be able to forget the wistful expression on the dog`s face.