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2012-10-23 19:36

I went to town to attend a meeting last Saturday.

The parent-teacher meeting was a bit boring, but it was fun talking with familiar faces at the party. When I got to the meeting place, the hotel lobby was teeming with the mothers of my son's friends. They must have all spent a lot of time making themselves up as they were all very gorgeous. Although I normally I don't care for my appearance, after I saw them all dressed up, I regretted not having gone to the beauty salon.

When I came back home, my son asked me about the meeting. Since I was tired, I was not able to tell him exactly what his teachers had told us in the parent-teacher meeting. Then he said that it is hardly possible that I am his mother because I am so slow witted. He often dumps on me nowadays saying that he is quick witted and his mother should be smarter.

2012-10-14 19:07

I have lots of things I want to do but I am too busy with my family and family business so it will be difficult to find the time to do them.

2012-10-13 13:37

A woman who recently started visiting my blog, sent me a thank you letter giving her real name and age. When I read one of her entries, she sounded depressed because she spends a lot of time in a medical treatment room.
She still doubted if she would be able to recover from breast cancer. She thought she was doomed. Now she is doing better as she had read my letter, according to her, it had encouraged her. Giving our real names is rare among blog friends as long as we only communicate with each other on the Internet, but I gave her my information too. I really hope that she will get better and can lead a happy life.
The other woman said in her message that she often tries to read my English entries.
She asked me if I had been practicing playing the piano. Then I found out that she is a piano teacher. I felt embarrassed because my performance which I posted in my blog is not so good.

2012-10-12 09:01

"Do the benefits of hostinginternational sporting events outweigh the disadvantages?"

For me, there is no black or white answer to this question. Because the value is different depending on the nation.

In October 1964, Japan hosted the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
At that time, Japan was still recovering and rebuilding after the Second World War.
The entire country was proud of it and wanted to show the world how far we had come in a relatively short time.

A similar phenomenon was seen in China when they hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, and also when South Africa hosted last year`s World Cup of Football.
These countries also benefitted from improved infrastructure.

On the other hand some already developed countries did not seem to get the same benefits as the afore mentioned developing nations, rather the expenditure was enemas and damaged country`s economy and national reputation.(Budget problems, political corruption, and incomplete construction projects, there are some predicaments they were faced with.)

So, as can be seen, there is no definitive answer to this question. The benefits of hosting these events depend on your developmental level, and how committed your citizens are to the games.

2012-10-02 20:04

Until recently some foreign women might have wondered why Japanese wives had to do all the housework, but nowadays they don't need to think that way, as the new generation's lifestyle has changed a lot.
My husband is a gourmand. Today, I went to the supermarket twice to buy some fish for him as he requested. When he checked my purchase, he was not satisfied, so I tried to find a different option in a different supermarket.
This isn't a rare occurrence, I sometimes go shopping more than three times a day, when I cannot meet the food buff's expectations. I try not to show my reluctant dissatisfied feelings to him, although I am unhappy about going so many times.
Once I told him before that I wanted to buy food for at least a few days, so that I could save on gasoline for my car and also my time, he suddenly became grumpy, then I stopped my retort.
Since I got married I have restrained myself from expressing my opinions in front of him, fortunately I got used to it as my in-laws were antiques, who thought I was a free maidservant.