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2012-11-18 22:14

My son often talks to his father about politics. When I try to join them, he always says not to butt in.

He likes to debate, but not with me. He says that I tend to throw a wet blanket over their conversation.

My son's topic today was the Lower House, which was dissolved the day before yesterday for the election next month.


2012-11-17 20:17

Since my father's birthday is coming soon, I bought a knit hat for him at a department store.
I usually give him a present three times a year, on father's day, the respect for the aged day, and on his birthday.
Nowadays it's hard to choose something for him as I've given him whatever I could think of in the past.

2012-11-16 15:43

One of my employees is turning 39 years old this month.
His mother seems to be worried about him as she visited me today unannounced.
She said that she appreciated that her son was able to work here and she hoped he would continue working here.
Nowadays so many men are single,but I don't think it's a serious problem that he cannot find a suitable partner.

2012-11-13 21:43

My father called me to ask me if I wanted my mother's jewelry which she left about 7 years ago.
He repeatedly insisted to me that I should keep the diamond ring which has 5 stones in a straight line.
I remember that she showed it to me when she bought it. That's why I know the ring was very precious
I told my father that I don't need her keepsakes. He can give them to his grand daughters, like I've given my jewels to my husband's nieces.


2012-11-12 21:03


The man who suddenly quit twitter, was the person who I got to know last June when he played Chopin at the local concert.
Recently he was sick, and although he took leave for a while , he had to get back to work before he recuperated from shingles.
He was very active in real life and on the web. I'm wondering what happened to him. Did he get too stressed out?

One recent mail from the young man made me feel relieved as I thought I had lost contact with him.
I was very cut up when he stopped writing, and I tried to forget him. Now his mail rekindled my interest in him.