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2012-11-05 23:02

Agree or Disagree: Gambling should be banned.

Points: Criminal Activity, Employment Opportunities, Family Relations, Health, Personal Freedom, and Tax Revenue

I disagree that gambling should be banned, however, it is not a simple decision. There are many people who benefit from the money raised by gambling, but I feel that we are taking advantage of people who cannot afford to risk money on almost impossible “money-making” schemes.

People should have the personal freedom to try to make money in any legal manner as they please. As well, gambling employs many people, and raises a great deal of tax revenue for the government. However, the vast majority of people who participate in betting on horse racing, boat races, bicycle races, pachinko, and lotteries are people who often risk money that they cannot afford to lose. This has terrible effects on family relations, and can involve criminal elements, which prey on weak and vulnerable people.

However, as we saw with the prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1920`s, the criminal element will always find a way to supply the illicit needs of the public. Therefore, I feel that it is more beneficial for the government to control gambling. Of course, they should not advertise or promote their interest in gambling, and they should provide personal and family counseling free of charge for those people with gambling addictions.