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英検1級過去問、Reiko 回答
2012-11-27 19:20

Will societies with aging populations face a crisis in the future?

points: Birthrate, Family Responsibility, Health Care, Immigration, Role of Senior Citizens, Taxes

This topic is something that people in Japan have been thinking about for a decade or more because our population is aging rapidly, and living longer. Because of this trend we have to think about what we will do about this situation, and how our society will look in the next twenty or thirty years.

Because we have so many people reaching retirement age at the same time, our pension, welfare, and health systems will be under a great deal of strain. With fewer people to pay into the social welfare system, there will be less money to take care of our senior citizens.

This brings us to the strain that families will be under as they have to either take in and care for their aging family members, or pay for their care at private/public facilities. Also, we will have to think about what role our seniors can play in society.

Finally, in order to provide money to the social welfare system, and replace the retiring workers, Japan will have to expand its immigration policy. This will cause some difficult social issues such as citizenship, voting rights, and equal protection under the law, that many Japanese people will have trouble accepting.

These are incredibly challenging issues that need to be dealt with sooner than later.