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2012-12-31 20:21

Yesterday I left a bag of groceries in the supermarket as I was in a hurry and didn't check to see if I had grabbed all the bags.
Until this morning I did not notice it, however, when I was going to drink a cup of coffee, I finally realized how scatterbrained I was.

When I came back home, my son asked me if I had kept his new year post cards from last year from his friends. He needed them to know his friends' addresses, as he does not have an address book. Sometimes my bad habit of being a packrat is helpful. I thought about getting rid of my old text books and some letters from my relatives before the new year season, but I again hesitated to do so.


2012-12-27 08:40

Yesterday I had a lot of traveling salesperson from a clothes shop, bank, insurance company.
They looked to try hard not to lose their customers this season.
I told them that I had so much to do today, there was no time to dawdle, and I didn't want to buy anything now, but they were so persistent.

Besides my former piano teacher came back for 2 weeks. Yesterday afternoon, as soon as she got back home, she asked me to translate Japanese sentences into English.
I was going to finish 200 new years post cards to my old friends, but I couldn't, because after the translation, I lost my motivation to do anything else.

2012-12-21 23:58

I've written two letters to France. It was not easy to write in French, but I wanted to say thank you to 2 women who sent me gifts from France.
Both of them are my French teachers' mothers. One of them had sent me a box of chocolates and toiletries, the other had given me an art book of Degas.
Nowadays, we prefer e-mail, but it was nice to receive handwritten letters from people who live overseas.
Happy holidays!

2012-12-18 15:38

The second exam in this term finished last week at my son's school, he was at the top again in science class.


My son and I went to his school to talk to his homeroom teacher. The parent-teacher conference was only 10 minutes.
His teacher said that my son always gets good grades and he is a straight-A student. He didn't have much to tell us.

2012-12-17 18:02

It was shocking to hear about the terrifying news in the USA. That kind of rampage should not have happened again.
I cannot imagine how sad the families were who lost their children, such a heart-wrenching incident! 2012:12:14