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2013年 星の王子さま
2013-01-30 15:10

This year, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of “Le Petit Prince(星の王子さま)”, the books are also being published in braille for visually impaired people, so that they can enjoy the pictures.目の不自由な人が挿絵も見える本が出版されたそうです。

2013-01-29 14:59

My son is the only student among his classmates who comes back home directly from school and only goes to piano lessons. But yesterday, he told me that he would be very busy with school this year, and he would like to quit the piano school.He doesn't intend to go to a cram school, and he doesn't feel like going to piano lessons either, but I think he is mature enough to decide it. Besides, if he can focus on his studies, he won't regret it.

2013-01-26 22:19

Yesterday, my husband asked me if I would like to watch a movie, so I told him that all my language teachers recommended "Les misérables". He was not happy as he is not a big fan of musicals, but he reluctantly said that it's OK and we went to town. Then as he expected he was bored while we were in the theater. I was also a bit disappointed as we were not able to share the same moving emotions. Although it was my birthday, I should've chosen a different movie which he had already decided to see with me. Now I regret that I was not an ordinary, traditional Japanese wife on that day, so that we could get along well.

2013-01-21 14:58

Yesterday, I invited 2 people to a rooftop restaurant on the 42nd floor of the Midland Square Building in Nagoya.One of them was my English teacher and the other was my French teacher. We had a good time over the dinner.
My former English teacher got engaged to a Japanese woman recently, and sent me a photo of them last Sunday.
He and his fiancée looked gorgeous in the photo and seemed very happy. I sent them a congratulations message immediately.

2013-01-21 00:23

My New Year's resolution last year was to pay attention so as not to lose my important belongings, but I lost a lot of things as usual.
Yesterday I lost my house key at the supermarket, and I was not be able to come into my house with a lot of groceries.
I don't know why I can't be more careful, I feel depressed when I think of my terrible carelessness.

My husband said that we could go to the movies next Friday. I recommended "Les Misérables".He would like to see a different one, so I was disappointed. He is stubborn, so he would not change his mind.