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2013-01-06 16:43

My old Canadian friend used to be very popular among girls. He sometimes visited me and even took a nap at my house once.
One day, he called me just after he underwent an operation, because he wanted me to drop him off at his house.
We were good friends, or I should say that I was merely one of his friends, but unfortunately some people were not be able to understand the relationship.
A few years ago, we started contact each other through face book. He has changed a bit, but his blue eyes are the same.
Coincidentally his house is not that far from my old English teacher. I will be able to visit both of them at once someday.

数年前から facebook を通してまた話しができるようになりました。私の写真を見て、何年経っても変わらないね、と言ってくれました。