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2013-01-07 09:59

This morning, near the entrance of a supermarket, I looked back behind me when I heard a voice say, "Rei-chan", unexpectedly. Only my old friends from my elementary or junior high school days called me by this nickname. For a moment, I was confused as I didn't recognize the person who was smiling at me familiarly. Then I was relived since I was able to identify the woman. I asked her why she was there, why she had come to the supermarket, which must have been far from her house. She told me that she had been undergoing treatment in a university hospital in my town, so on her way home she bought some groceries. Her problem was only with her fingers which started to bend at the joints, and she couldn't straighten them. We are the same age, so I took her story seriously, as I may have the the same symptoms in the near future. When I told her that she should take care of her fingers as she is a piano teacher, she suddenly remembered that she would have to give piano lessons in the afternoon, she said that she had to hurry home. She said that the last time she came to my house, my son was a toddler, and he is 17 years old now, how fast time passes. Chatting with her was a nice trip down memory lane and it was nice to be able to reconnect after a 15-year break.