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2013-01-17 15:57

2013-01-17 05:34


My washing machine broke the other day. It's hard to do a lot of laundry without a washing machine. I used to do it at my apartment when I lived alone in Tokyo.
The laundry for one person was not that hard, but nowadays I do it three times a day. Hanging it and bringing it in is time-consuming in itself.

The following day, I was terribly busy cleaning the laundry room and putting away a lot of stuff around my old washing machine. Then I waited for a new one from the electric appliance shop. It didn't take long for the delivery men to install the new one, but I spent a lot of time on bringing back those things into the room.

Recently, three blogger friends have asked me if they could link their blogs with mine.
I was a bit surprised, and I thought I would have to keep my blog nice so that they won't get disappointed.