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2013-01-19 23:05

I drove my son to the nearest station at 7:50 this morning. For him, today's mock examination with almost all the students in Japan is kind of a simulation of the real entrance exam next year. He got up earlier than usual and got dressed quickly. I heard that everyone can choose the future university because they can see their level among their peers nation wide. When he took the same type of assessment exam last year, the results said that he he would could enter good schools or even medical courses if he wanted. He has been lucky enough so far, now I only hope that he will do well on the test despite the pressure.(2013.02.03)

2013-01-19 16:00

One of my French teachers is turning 33 years old tomorrow.He said that he couldn't believe that he was becoming such an old man. For me 33 years old is still very young, though. As for myself, the other day, I received many birthday messages for my birthday through e-mail and Facebook.  All of them were from my foreign friends and teachers except only 2 Japanese men among them.(2013.02.01)