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2013-01-21 14:58

Yesterday, I invited 2 people to a rooftop restaurant on the 42nd floor of the Midland Square Building in Nagoya.One of them was my English teacher and the other was my French teacher. We had a good time over the dinner.
My former English teacher got engaged to a Japanese woman recently, and sent me a photo of them last Sunday.
He and his fiancée looked gorgeous in the photo and seemed very happy. I sent them a congratulations message immediately.

2013-01-21 00:23

My New Year's resolution last year was to pay attention so as not to lose my important belongings, but I lost a lot of things as usual.
Yesterday I lost my house key at the supermarket, and I was not be able to come into my house with a lot of groceries.
I don't know why I can't be more careful, I feel depressed when I think of my terrible carelessness.

My husband said that we could go to the movies next Friday. I recommended "Les Misérables".He would like to see a different one, so I was disappointed. He is stubborn, so he would not change his mind.