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2013-02-28 19:29

One of my Language teachers' mother has sent me a necklace from France. It has beautiful blue turquoises, and is very artistic.
Her letter says that she wants show her appreciation for my kindness, which made me feel a mother's love for her child.

2013-02-28 09:50

Recently I've run across many bloggers who are suffering from serious illnesses. When I read those articles, I am always impressed by their perseverance that they never yield to the excruciatingly painful medical treatments. One of them said that her husband cried with her when she found out she had cancer, so she was determined to live when she saw his tears, she thought she would have to surmount the agony.(2013.02.19)

2013-02-27 21:17

In the evening, I'm sometimes too lazy to sit at the desk and reply to people's comments on my blog entries. I'm not sure if they are interested in my blog, but at least they have visited my blog, and I appreciate it. Today I got only a few messages, but I still haven't written back to all of them because of sleepiness.

2013-02-27 17:43

I've already bought and sent return presents to people who gave us congratulations money or some gifts for our new house. It is a Japanese custom which I don't like and annoys me a lot, because we must give them back gifts to show our appreciation for receiving gifts. When a friend of mine brought us some presents over one year ago, I soon gave her some return presents so that I wouldn't forget. Foreign people don't know or understand this custom, so they tend to think it's nice that I get a lot of presents, but actually I must spend a lot of money in return, so I often feel depressed when I receive something from Japanese people.

2013-02-27 15:45

When I played "From Russia With Love" on the piano, my son told me that he knew the song. Good music always lasts for a long time. Even people in the next generation think they are nice, comfortable songs to listen to. I was glad to know that my son likes old songs which I used to love.
“Theme From Love Story” “A Time For Us(Romeo and Juliet)”“ From Russia With Love” などの昔の映画のテーマソング、私の若い頃によく耳にした曲ですが、この頃ピアノで弾いて楽しんでいます。