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2013-03-02 09:55

Yesterday was the last day of end of term exams for my son. He had a bad cold for the whole week. I don't think he did well this time.息子の学校では高校2年生最後の定期試験が終わりました。We went to the biggest bookstore in this area, but my son said that he was not able to find the reference book that he really wanted, but I am sure that he will be able to get it online. When we were about to leave, he ran into his some of his female classmates. They spoke to my son kindly and called him by his first name. While they were chatting, I was hiding behind the bookshelf as I thought that those girls would feel embarrassed to meet his mother, even though my son is not a mama's boy at all.市内の一番大きい本屋でも息子のほしい本がなくてネットで買うことにしましたが、私は昔人間なので、特に本は字体や大きさを目で確認してから買いたいです

2013-03-02 09:15

I wrote one message to my former teacher on the train on the way to Nagoya. I usually don't send messages from trains as I don't like people who often use their cell phones in public. However, this morning was exceptional, because I suddenly noticed my grammatical mistake which was something I should have picked up. I got really depressed when I thought I might have made a mistake, which I did not want to. I was not able to see my message which I had sent him this morning on the train, but I already knew I had made the error. I thought he wouldn't care about it, besides it was just one of the errors, but I wanted to write and tell him that I had made a stupid mistake which I had not intended to make. I am often confused when I think about articles, it is the most difficult part when I speak English, but at least I should pay attention to basic grammar which I have already learned many, many years ago. Maybe today I had low spirits and I felt I was foolish.