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2013-03-12 16:00

It has been two years since the unprecedented calamity. We observed one minute of silence to pay tribute to the people who perished in Tohoku at 14:46 on 3/11. My husband and I made a donation of 7.25 million yen in total to the region through the municipal office in this town, but we don't feel that it was of much use considering the damage done.

One of my blogger friends says that she cannot think of the people in the disaster-stricken area because her family business is in a serious financial predicament. The other says that she doesn't feel like sympathizing with other people in the area since she is not happy herself because of illness. I completely understand their situation. When we are not satisfied with our lives, it is hard to show compassion toward others who are experiencing great difficulties. I always think that I am on the side of people who are blessed and can send some endowment to the district, but some people can't afford to do so even if they are eager to contribute toward people in need of help.

2013-03-12 00:50

Yesterday night, I was arranging books and newspaper cuttings on my desk. I was engrossed in reading those old articles for a while.
I recently talked to a man who I hadn't met for years. I told him that my English had regressed as I have been neglecting studying. He was so diplomatic as he said that my English was better than his Japanese.