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2013-03-16 23:59

It was nice to meet a new person from France. He works as the head chef in the alliance restaurant called "L'AUBERGE DE L'ILL" in Alsace. My French teacher who came to my house this morning told me enviously that the restaurant is well-known there, and that I was lucky to meet him in Japan.
Il est chef cuisinier en Alsace en France, dans un restaurant appelé "L'AUBERGE DE I'ILL".(2013.5.16)

2013-03-16 23:54

This afternoon my husband and I saw the movie, "Lincoln " in the theater, then we had dinner at L'AUBERGE DE L'ILL on the 42nd floor of Midland Square. The movie reminded me a lot of the tragic Civil War in the US which I learned about when I was younger. The dinner was nice, it was a coincidence that the real French cook happened to be there for a one week stay, so I was able to talk to him in French.(2013.5.15)

2013-03-16 16:49

One of my blogger friends lives in a gorgeous house with her husband and a cat. She showed the opulent interior and furniture in her house on her blog. I often felt ashamed as my living environment is not good compared to her classy life style. However she announced that she would soon quit her blog as she was tired, besides her husband didn't appreciate her efforts. It was so sudden. I really will feel something is missing if I can't read her posts.