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2013-03-21 00:29

Recently one of my acquaintances had an unpleasant experience regarding her bank card. One of her family members left her bag for just a second, and somebody walked off with it. Even though she had asked the credit card company to stop the account, the person stole all her family member's identities and has been withdrawing the deposits of other family member's accounts. To make matters worse, they didn't notice it for a long time, because the despicable person took the money little by little. When the person became more audacious he started to wrangle huge sums of money from them, and her family realized that there wasn't any money left in their accounts.
When the family talked to the police, they said that it would be difficult to convict the person who had exploited them and their money, without evidence. So the family had to transfer some additional money though the bank so that the police could investigate the case. When the thief finally discovered the bank account had been made inaccessible by the police, he got furious and started to take his anger out on the family as he is still at large. Now his harassment has been escalating. For example, he orders pizza using the family's name and sends it to their neighbors, he calls her husband's workplace saying that his wife bilked him of a debt, although he himself is swindling her. I am very curious to see how the authorities will react. They still have to try hard to capture him.(2013.5.21)